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Nonin Medical is a technology-driven company and a leader in developing high performing, low cost, easy-to-use noninvasive medical monitoring solutions. Nonin took Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) based oximetry to a new level of clinical utility when it invented the fingertip pulse oximeter, so the move to provide clinicians with an accurate, versatile, portable cerebral oximeter was a natural one. Today, Nonin’s SenSmart Universal Oximetry System takes clinical utility and convenience to the nth degree, utilizing the same innovative sensing and signal processing technologies that already give millions of clinicians the confidence that the numbers they see reflect their patients’ true physiology.

Nonin Medical NIRS-based oximetry advancements include:

  • 1990 – Introduced world's first portable hand-held pulse oximeter
  • 1995 – Introduced world's first fingertip pulse oximeter — the Onyx® 9500
  • 2004 – Introduced world's first pulse oximeter with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • 2009 – Introduced EQUANOX cerebral oximetry system, the first and only device that utilizes a dual-light emitting and detecting sensor architecture, which has been shown to more effectively target the cerebral cortex*
  • 2011 – Introduced industry-leading accuracy* in the EQUANOX Advance adult absolute cerebral oximetry sensor for cerebral and somatic applications
  • 2011 – Released world's first cerebral oximetry OEM Solution
  • 2012 – Introduced Nonin's Dynamic Compensation algorithm which automatically accounts for pediatric brain tissue development variation when measuring oxygen saturation levels
  • 2013 – Introduced world's first rSO2/SpO2 universal oximetry system for unprecedented clinical utility and ease of use
  • 2016 – Introduced the 8204CA rSO2 sensor

* Nonin Medical, Inc. Data on file.

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